The Grandmother Project


Photographs, ring games, hymns, blankets, recipes, lessons, heirlooms, and fading memories…

The Grandmother Project investigates the essence, role, and commonalities of grandmothers from a personal and global perspective. “Throughout the stories of my grandma, Big Ma, and of grandmothers in the US, South Africa, India, Jamaica, and China/Taiwan, one idea holds true: grandmothers are at the core of the family.” This project captures reflections and memories of loved ones through spoken text, movement, music, video and projected images. The creation process for this work was informed through ‘table talks’, interviews, and creative explorations with young and old. The Grandmother Project features various artists including The Collective (a modern dance company in Baltimore, MD), the Towson University Children’s Dance Division Troupe (teen dancers), Andy Torres (actor/dancer), Kelly Tsai (spoken word artist), Sharon Chaiklin (dance therapist/dancer), William B. Hawk (poet), and Senior Electricity (elder movers).




Would you like to be a part of the 'Grandmother Project' journey? I invite you to share your favorite grandmother story, recipe, or "My grandma use to say..." quotes. Stories, recipes, and memories will be placed in a family album and on display at Grandmother Project concerts.

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